About Us

Our Mission is to help YOU feel more confident by Reducing Hair Fall and Stimulating Hair Growth 

I'm Dr. Janina Gutierrez- Tan, I'm a registered chemist and the founder of HairReve. I have a PhD in analytical chemistry and I'm also a university lecturer.

A few years ago, my husband started experiencing hair thinning and he was worried about it. He tried many different products, before it was too late. Unfortunely, none worked for him. Some of them were hard to use, and smelled bad.

As a chemist, I wanted to help my husband find a solution for his problem and so we tried different formulas of hair thickening serum until one day, we found the right one. He tried it for two months, and experienced a significant improvement in his hair thickness and growth.

We had different dermatologists and hair experts try it in reputable hospitals and they used it on their patients the results were great. And so, we shared the product with people who needed it.

  • People experiencing post-partum hair fall
  • Excessive hair fall from stress, from the side effects of Covid.
  • People with hormonal problems
  • People simply experiencing male pattern or female pattern baldness.

We want to help people feel more confident by reducing their hair fall and stimulating hair growth.