What does HairReve Serum do?

HairReve Serum nourishes hair follicles resulting in reduced hair fall, Increased hair growth and thickness, and, a Healthier scalp

How long until I see results?

Significant improvements are observed in 6-8 weeks of daily use. Please try and see the difference. For faster results you can apply 2x a day. Once in the morning and once at night.

Is HairReve Serum Safe?

HairReve is safe to use. It’s made with natural active ingredients, plant-based extracts of larch tree, green tea leaves, rosemary, caffeine and zinc. HairReve has no side effects. HairReve is FDA-registered. We are also distributed in Mercury branches nationwide.

Where is HairReve Serum made?

HairReve is made in the Philippines with Natural Active Ingredients from Switzerland.

Can I use hair styling products even after applying HairReve Serum?

Yes, you may use styling products. HairReve Serum is applied onto the scalp, not the hair. Also, HairReve is not sticky and not oily, so you can go out even after using it.

How is HairReve Serum applied?

To use HairReve Serum, spray onto scalp, massage and leave on. Make sure the serum reaches scalp and not just the hair.

Is HairReve legit?

Yes. HairReve is scientifically proven to work. That’s why we are FDA-approved and available in Mercury branches nationwide. It is recommended by doctors, hair experts and dermatologists. Please see our thousands of reviews and testimonials to see that it really works.

Will the HairReve Serum product work for bald heads?

As long as there are still hair follicles (meaning the scalp is not totally shiny), the product can still work.

Is HairReve safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding moms?

Yes, HairReve is made with natural active ingredients, and has no side effects. It’s not sticky and not oily.

Does HairReve Serum contain Minoxidil? What's the difference between HairReve and Minoxidil?

HairReve does not contain Minoxidil. It is made only with active natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to be just as effective as Minoxidil. It has no harsh chemicals and no side effects.

Can I use HairReve while using Minoxidil?

Yes. Even if you are using Minoxidil, your hair still needs the proper nutrients. Just like your face needs moisturizer and plants need fertilizer. So it’s a better combination.

Which is more effective the HairReve Serum or the Shampoo?

Using the Serum and Shampoo together provide the best results. However, if you had to select just one, the Serum is more effective because the Shampoo washes off after the shower. There is not enough time for nutrients to be absorbed. 
The Serum is a leave-on Serum so it will absorb it properly.

Is HairReve Serum effective for dandruff or itchy scalp?

Yes. The HairReve Serum is anti-dandruff because of the rosemary and green tea extracts in the ingredients. These remove dandruff and relieve dryness; itchiness in the scalp.

Can HairReve Serum be used on the eyebrows and eyelashes?

Yes on the eyebrows but not on the eyelashes. To apply on the eyebrows, put some Serum on your finger or you may use cotton buds then apply to the desired area.

Can HairReve be used on colored or treated hair?

Yes. HairReve is safe to use because it's made with natural active ingredients. Actually, HairReve will counteract the harsh effects of those chemicals.

Bakit hindi mabula ang shampoo?

HairReve shampoo is sulfate-free. The bubbles in the shampoo come from sulfates which can be irritating to the scalp. But rest assured that bubbles are not needed to cleanse the scalp.